Videos Gallery

  Documentary on all Water Management activities
  Documentary of Watercourses
  Documentary on High Efficienc Irrigation Systems
  Documentary on LASER Land Leveling
  Documentary on  Climate Smart Agriculture
  Water Management Training Institue, Lahore
  Cultivation of Strawberry with Drip Irrigation, 2018
  Potato cultivation with Drip Irrigation System in Kasur district during 2018
  Documentary of On Farm Water Management prepared during 2018
  Multi croping on Drip Irrigation - A report by Express News
  Rain Water Management Seminar at Cotton Research Center, Multan
  A clip of Media briefing by DG (WM) during  Farmers Field Day at Khudian Khaas, Kasur on 12 January, 2017
  Modern Irrigation system introduced by Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
  Olive Orchard on Drip Irrigation System
  Kissan Dost Kadam of Khadam-e-Punjab
  Documentary on Drip Irrigation (Short 4 minutes)
  Documentary on Drip Irrigation (Long 8 minutes)
  OFWM Drip Irrigation System on Citrus at Hazroo, district Attock
  Crops on Drip Irrigation System in China - A Training Workshop on Precision Agriculture Technology at Xinjiang, China