14 Jul 2020

Inauguration of Command Area Development of Jilalpur Irrigation Project by Malik Muhammad Akram, DGA (WM) and Farmers’ Field Day

24 Oct 2019 Workshop on Climate Smart Agriculture in Pakistan by Micheal Davidson (PHD) from USA with the collaboration of OFWM Agriculture House Lahore
23-24 Jun 2019

Punjab Agri Expo: Enriching potential for the future

21 Apr 2019 World Bank delegation visite PIPIP activities with Director General Agriculutre (OFWM)
12 Jan 2017 Farmers Field Day at Khudian Khaas, Kasur at the Farm of Muhammad Iqbal
08 Dec 2016 World Bank Implementation Support Mission visit to Pakistan

09 Feb 2016

Farewell party of Ch. Muhammad Ashraff on his retirement as DG Water Management

04 Jan 2016

World Bank delegation visited Grapes orchard on Drip Irrigation System at Sangla Hill

28 Oct 2015

Farewell party of Mr. Mumtaz Ahmad, Director (HQs) 

16 Sep 2014

Bid Opening Meeting for Procurement of LED & UPS

11 Sep 2014

World Bank Mission Performance Evaluation Meeting at DG office, Lahore.

25 Jun 2014

Farewell party of retired officials of Water Management

27 May 2013 -
08 Jun 2013

World Bank Mission evaluated performance of Punjab Irrigated-Agriculture Productivity Improvement Project (PIPIP) and rated as highly satisfied

16 May 2013

Inauguration of Drip Irrigation System of Malik Javed Kareem

15 Mar 2013

Farmer day at Bahawalnagar

22 Feb 2012

Farmar day at farm of Ch. Tahir Bashir, chak no 98 Fateh, Hasilpur