Punjab Irrigated-Agriculture Productivity Improvement Project - Revised


The overall project development objective (PDO) is to improve water productivity i.e. producing more crop per drop. It will be achieved through increasing delivery efficiency, adopting improved irrigation practices, promoting crop diversification, and effective application of non-water inputs. The PDO would contribute to increased agricultural production, more employment opportunities in rural areas, higher incomes from the farming, better living standards of the farmers, and improved environment.

Key Components                                                

  • Installation of drip and sprinkler irrigation systems on 85,000 acres
  • Provision of 5,000 LASER units to farmers/service providers
  • Improvement of 6,375 unimproved canal area watercourses
  • Completion of 6,450 partially improved watercourses
  • Rehabilitation of 4,475 irrigation schemes outside canal commands
  • Constructon of 500 Rain Water harveting ponds
  • Adoption and Promotion of Modern Irrigation Technologies, Training, Capacity Building, Processing, Marketing and Value Chain Development  

Gestation Period

9.5 years (2012-13 to 2021-22 upto 31.12.2021)

Project Area

Entire Punjab

Financial Outlay (Rs. million)      

Government: 41,737.955
  • World Bank
  • Punjab Government/ Counterpart Funding


Farmers 25,721.045
Total: 67,459.000


Entire Punjab